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Marriott Product Manager 3 (any CEC or HQ location) in Salt Lake City, Utah

Job Number 20019888

Job Category Sales and Marketing

Location CEC Omaha, 1818 North 90th Street, Omaha, Nebraska, United States VIEW ON MAP

Brand Corporate

Schedule Full-time

Relocation? No

Position Type Management

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Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel company, with more brands, more hotels and more opportunities for associates to grow and succeed. We believe a great career is a journey of discovery and exploration. So, we ask, where will your journey take you?


Reporting to the Sr. Director – Product Management and Associate Enablement. The Product Manager III – Associate Enablement, has key responsibilities for the implementation and development of product roadmaps for designated technology products and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of management and associates. He/she ensures high caliber customer satisfaction through the development and execution of technology solutions throughout the globe for Customer Engagement Centers.

The Product Manager III will demonstrate leadership and best practice related to product management and act as a mentor to other product management functions. They will support overall portfolio processes and work highly autonomously.

Working closely with senior CEC & Corporate IT leaders, this position provides technology direction and execution to deliver optimal business solutions supporting the contact center technology platforms. This position works under the direction of the Sr. Director – Product Management and Associate Enablement, monitoring the flow of project work of Customer Engagement Centers and Corporate iT departments in alignment with broader business initiatives, projects and work teams. Additionally, this position will coordinate closely with selected vendor partners on the find, build and delivery of all current and new Contact Center Technology.

A successful candidate possesses knowledge and experience, including industry trends and best practices for a specific product domain. Experience with SalesForce, or any other CRM platform, is highly desired. He/she also demonstrates strong leadership and relationship skills, significant information technology, infrastructure and contact center experience as well as department and organizational management experience. A proven understanding and experience related to infrastructure, technology (hardware, software & telecommunications) and P&L budgeting, is also key to be successful in this role.


Education andExperience Preferred

  • 4-yeardegree from an accredited university in from an accredited university inBusiness Administration, Marketing, or related major and 6+ years of relevantprofessional experience, demonstrating progressive career growth and a patternof exceptional performance;

  • OR

  • 8+years of relevant professional experience in of relevant professionalexperience in marketing or related function, demonstrating progressive careergrowth and pattern of exceptional performance.


  • Provideproduct management leadership for Customer Engagement Systems from strategicplanning, to tactical activities, to ongoing optimization & continuousimprovement.

  • Leverageproduct dashboards to drive a data driven decision-making culture to identify bigand small opportunities to improve performance, as well illustrate value forrecently launched / optimized features.

  • Effectivelytranslate technology & process opportunities into quantifiable results.

  • Contributea high level of specialized knowledge and skill in key program area (CRM,Workforce management, IVR, CTI, Channel routing, etc.) to support business unitand functional objectives

  • Documentrequirements for current and future products and develop the associatedbusiness case for new investments.

  • Ensureall deliverables meet Marriott standards and enterprise-wide project managementstandards for system design, implementation and production

  • Enablecommunications for internal executives and constituents for product rollouts,as well as provide escalation support for triaging production issues

  • Benchmarkcomparable organizations while building deep understanding of our customerprofiles/ needs, plus business strategies and needs for growth

  • Workclosely with key development partners within Corp IT Plan/Build/Run as well asDigital & CX teams globally.

  • Leadthe benefit realization planning process with Finance and operations.

  • Managethe product feature cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities

  • Achieveresults against budget within the scope of responsibility

  • Support procurement efforts as needed (e.g. new tools, newvendors), write statements of work and manage external vendors

  • Facilitatestrong working relationships with team members and business sponsors to deliverexceptional product solutions

  • Respondto, solve and makes decisions on business requests, brand requests and hotelrequests. Present solutions, leveraging work in progress

Managing Responsibilities with Stakeholders

  • Developsand maintains effective relationships with both internal and externalstakeholders across the organization.Fosters a positive climate to build effective teams that are committedto organizational goals and initiatives.

  • Updatesstakeholders on key initiative wins and opportunities, responds to concerns,and solicits feedback. Engagesleadership to develop and execute action plans to address gaps.

  • Assistswith building and maintaining stakeholder relationships as businesspartnerships.

Leading andManaging Teams

  • Participatesin the hiring, development and retention of diverse talent that makes a strong,positive impact on the organization.

  • Createsa team environment that encourages accountability, high standards, andinnovation.

  • Setsclear organizational goals and expectations for direct reports using theperformance review process and holds team accountable for performance.

  • Continuouslyimproves team and job structures and ensures clear leadership accountabilitiesare in place.

  • Buildsteams with the appropriate mix of talent and skills to drive innovation andperformance. Identifies talents of team, and assists with their growth anddevelopment plans.

  • Facilitatesregular, ongoing communication in department.




  • Showsan understanding of the needs of different customer/stakeholder segments anddevelops appropriate service strategies.

  • Createsa service‐orientedenvironment and empowers others to build strong customer/stakeholderrelationships.

  • Monitorscustomer/stakeholder feedback and metrics to improve service delivery.

  • Usesappropriate risk management resources when serious customer/stakeholdersituations occur.


  • Createsand coaches others on promoting an environment where everyone is valued andincluded.

  • Championsthe Company culture of service, opportunity, respect, and fair treatment.

  • Ensuresprocesses are in place to address concerns related to equity and fairtreatment.

  • Bringstogether people with diverse backgrounds to drive innovation and engagement.

  • Establishesdiverse partnerships across the industry, profession, and Company.

  • Championsthe attraction, development, and retention of a multicultural andmultigenerational workforce.

  • Ensuresthat all associates have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

  • Implementsprograms that promote inclusion and engagement.

  • Ensuresstrategies are in place to promote inclusion, enhance engagement, and maximizebusiness results.


  • Buildsstrong working relationships across departments or teams.

  • Modelsand coaches others on creating an open, trusting, and supportive workenvironment.

  • Coachesothers on how their behavior impacts coworkers and the work environment.

  • Coachesdirect reports to work together to set expectations for achieving shared goals.

GeneratingTalent and Organizational Capability


  • Setsand models expectations for required behavior, knowledge, and skill levels.

  • Providesongoing feedback and customized coaching to others.

  • Developsothers by identifying needs and setting appropriate department, team, andindividual goals.

  • Conductstalent reviews across the business and develops succession plans for keyleadership positions.

  • Networkswith high potential leaders and coaches others on targeted recruitment efforts.

  • Usesavailable recruiting and hiring tools, brings together hiring teams, and makeshiring decisions.

  • Supportssuccessful on‐boardingof new hires.


  • Continuouslyimproves department, program, team, and job structures and ensures clearleadership accountabilities are in place.

  • Putssystems and processes in place to manage department and program performance.

  • Bringstogether the appropriate talent levels and mix of skill sets to driveinnovation and performance.

  • Establishesand ensures understanding of the scope of decision-making authority for teammembers.

  • Modelsand holds direct reports accountable for using meetings and other forums toregularly communicate.


Communicationand Professional Demeanor

  • Activelylistens and uses appropriate communication styles to deliver information in an articulate,understandable, and engaging way.

  • Influencesothers to accept a point of view, gain consensus, or take action.

  • Keepsleaders informed about key issues.

  • Modelsand coaches others on displaying a leadership style that conveys confidence andgains respect from others.

LeadingThrough Vision and Values

  • Models,coaches, and holds others accountable for leading ethically and with a highdegree of integrity.

  • Promotesa convincing and inspiring vision for the direction of the Company, brand, andteam.

  • Modelsand holds departments and project teams accountable for developing andimplementing programs that reflect the Company’s core values.


  • Presentsthe need for change in a positive way that encourages commitment and action.

  • Encouragesothers to identify ways to implement desired changes.

  • Modelsand coaches others on staying calm and focused during stressful situations.

  • Modelsflexibility and adjusts others’ and own priorities when managing multiple demands.

  • Managesstakeholder expectations during change.

  • Developsstrategies and provides resources to implement change.

  • Takessteps to minimize the stress others feel when change occurs.

ProblemSolving and Decision Making

  • Modelsand sets expectations for offering suggestions and solving complex problems.

  • Usesdata from different sources to evaluate alternatives, consider their potentialimpact, and make decisions.

  • Involveskey stakeholders to gain agreement and support before making high impactdecisions.

  • Makeskey decisions and guides others to implement solutions in a reasonable amountof time.


  • Demonstratesa strong understanding of Company, brand, discipline, and program strategies.

  • Usesdata to thoroughly evaluate opportunities and focuses on those with thegreatest potential business impact.

  • Adaptsglobal Company and brand strategies into plans that can be implemented withinthe business to maximize customer/stakeholder satisfaction and profitability.

  • Usesdata to build program strategies and make the business case for stakeholdercommitment.

Learningand Applying Professional Expertise


  • Usesan understanding of market dynamics and the business environment to identifyopportunities for improvement.

  • Monitorsindustry and market changes and adjusts priorities as needed.

  • Setsdepartment or team standards and uses key business metrics to evaluateperformance.

  • Modelsand coaches others on making business decisions based on data from a variety ofsources.

  • Evaluatesprofit and loss statements, develops operating budgets, and conductsforecasting.

  • Demonstratessound business judgment in addressing resource needs and improving efficiencieswhile balancing associate, customer/stakeholder, and financial results.


  • Createsan environment where learning is valued and encouraged.

  • Modelsand sets expectations for others to evaluate own and others’ strengths and developmentalneeds.

  • Securesresources and creates opportunities for self and others to improve performancethrough stretch assignments and other professional development activities.

  • Modelsand coaches others on staying current on industry and discipline trends andholds others accountable for using relevant best practices.

  • Establishestraining requirements for the team and holds others accountable for meetingtraining goals.


  • Modelsand holds others accountable for staying current in area of expertise.

  • Showsa strong understanding of the operating principles, resource needs,terminology, and interdependence of all relevant functions to supportsuccessful discipline operations.

  • Promotesthe development of partnerships across teams to solve complex issues andimprove performance.

  • Ensurescompliance with contractual, legal and regulatory requirements.]


Building aSuccessful Team

  • Coordinateswith other departments and teams and helps clarify the responsibilities of eachgroup.

  • Communicatesclear expectations about how departments, teams, and individuals contribute tosuccess.

  • Considersassociates’ strengths and team dynamics when assigning work.

  • Coachesand holds others accountable for establishing team‐building strategies and encouragingcooperation.

  • Involvesteam members in making decisions that impact the team.

  • Recognizesachievements that support department and team success.

Driving forResults

  • Reinforcesa team environment that encourages accountability, high standards, innovation,and strong business performance.

  • Workswith others to establish shared and individual goals.

  • Monitorsdepartment, team, and individual performance.

  • Makessure associates are clear on expectations, timelines, and budget requirements.

  • Identifiesand focuses on business opportunities that have the highest value for theCompany.


  • Helpsothers understand work requirements by explaining why the work is important andby breaking down projects into manageable tasks.

  • Analyzesdepartment, team, and individual workload to prioritize tasks and delegateappropriately.

  • Identifiesand obtains the equipment, materials, personnel, and other resources teams needto accomplish their work.

  • Establishesand coaches others on processes for monitoring work quality and projectmilestones.

Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. Marriott International does not discriminate on the basis of disability, veteran status or any other basis protected under federal, state or local laws.